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Tom Zimmermann. MA
CEO/Founder-Synergy Counseling & Consulting

PH: (512) 335-1123
12741 Research Blvd., Suite #302, Austin, TX 78759

Tom Zimmerman has over 30 years experience working with individuals and couples who are looking for positive change in their lives. Working in partnership with his clients, he uses their strengths, values and goals to make their lives work more effectively. In 1990 Tom with his wife, Ellen, founded Synergy Counseling and Consulting. They strongly believe in their synergy and they way they work with clients.

Synergy: when two or more come together they are more powerful than the individuals themselves.

What can you expect in a counseling session? The first question is usually, What do you want? That is actually a good thing to ask yourself everyday. When you know what it is you truly want it is so much easier to get. We will work together to get what is both good and healthy for you. If you come as a couple, I will also ask, What brought you two together, why did you choose each other? I am always looking for the good things from the beginning of a relationship. I like to work on people's strengths, so they can help their weak spots get stronger. After each session you can expect some assignments and even some reading. The most important time in therapy is the 167 hours between session when you make those choices to have a better life and healthier relationships.                    

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12741 Research #302   Austin, Texas 78759  512-335-1123
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8803 Bear Creek Drive  Austin, Texas 78737  512-301-5878


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